2000 Volume Deboner

The Prince 2000 Volume Deboner is an attractive option for expanding companies that plan to grow their mechanical deboning business. The stainless steel deboner is versatile, offering medium volume output that can be easily upgraded to handle more volume.

The Prince 2000 Volume Deboner can debone products in the poultry, beef, pork, lamb, fish, fruits, and vegetables industries.

It features Prince’s unique self-pumping feature which has the capability to pump deboned meat up to two meters from the deboner to mixer/blenders, hoppers, pack off areas, or combos without the expense of extra pumps and conveyors.

Capacity per Hour: 4,000-10,000 lb / 2000- 4,500 kg

Floor space: 30” x 75” / 76cm x 190cm

Horsepower: 60-75